Your assistants

Hello! We, Maria and James, would like to introduce ourselves to you.

I am Maria, born and raised in Stockholm. After I finished school at the top of my class, I spent a year with Work & Travel in New Zealand. With my strong organizational skills and my open and cheerful nature, I would like to inspire you as your personal Desktop Assistant.

I am James, born in the London borough of Paddington and grew up there. After successfully graduating from a prestigious Grammar School in London, I trained as a butler at a traditional butler school in London. My training as a desktop assistant will allow me to combine my enthusiasm for British etiquette with my passion for IT and to support you competently, courteously, and discreetly in your daily work.

Simsalabim - here we are

Our workspace is located in the wizard bar at the top of your desktop, analogous to the application bar at the bottom of the screen. We also feel comfortable on the left or right edge of the screen.

On the left side of the assistant bar - lined up like chickens on a roost - are your quickies, and on the right side is one of us. You can decide which of us should support you in your daily work. We are open to a regular partner swapping.

Any success depends on a single learnable skill: focus and concentration. We'll focus on Windows 10/11 for now.

Can you please have a look - we like to do

One of our core competencies is to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to all the questions that frequently arrive during your daily work:

  • What are my open project tasks?
  • What are my team's open project tasks?
  • What other appointments do I have today?
  • When are the next team meetings?
  • Do I have any new emails from my team?
  • Do I have any new emails with fault messages?

When you click an entry in the quickie popup, we open the corresponding page of the linked website/cloud application for you in the web browser.

Seems important - We will notify you

Another of our core competencies is to keep an eye on your cloud applications and to notify you when events of your choice occur.

Below the quickie icons is a light strip that can glow in red, yellow, and green:

  • Red - something urgent requires your attention
  • Yellow - something important should be noted
  • Green - there is something new

We prevent you from missing important and urgent things in the mass of notification emails your cloud applications send.

  • Attention - there are new urgent project tasks
  • Important - your next appointment starts soon
  • Note - there are new email from your team

You want to concentrate - we hold back

Do you need some focus time and don't want to be disturbed? You decide in which cases we should tap you on the shoulder.

We will always show you all notifications when you move the mouse over the assistant bar.

For each of your quickies, you can define whether and in which cases we should notify you.

  • Task Management - new (urgent) tasks
  • Email Management - new (important) emails
  • Calendar - current date running, next date coming soon

Don't worry - We are here for you

Do you remember your first teddy bear? How he protected you in the dark at night? Maybe you still cuddle him, he's sitting in your former children's room on the shelf or now lives in the attic.

Wir sind dein Teddy fürs Arbeitsleben - dein Teddy 2.0:

  • Always in a good mood and cheerful
  • Always an open ear for you
  • Only the best of you
  • Never a bad word
  • There for you day and night
  • Educated in the sense of humanism

We're looking forward to working with you. But for now, we are concentrating on our training.

Keep In Touch

Maria and James are still in training, but soon they will be looking for their first internships. Maybe with you? Shall we keep in touch? Then follow me on Linkedin or on Instagram, or become pen pals.