Quick Start Guide - Rules

If you are looking for something special - the e-mail quickie notifies you about all incoming e-mails, but you are only interested in the e-mails from your boss ("Honey, get home on time") or you don't want the Project Management Quickie to list all tasks assigned to you, but only those that are assigned to a certain project - then the great performance comes for our rules.

The rules consist of a condition and an action - if the condition is fulfilled, the action is performed. Rules are applied to all records of quickie data (e.g. articles in a newsfeed) and determine whether a record is displayed or not.

Manage Rules

Rules can be defined only for individual quicklets but not for quickies, and specify for the quicklets which information will be displayed:

  1. Quicklet (Context Menu) – with the menu item "Rules" from the context menu of a Quicklet you open the dialog window for the rules.
  2. Rules (Dialog Window) – in the dialog window you can add, edit and delete rules.

Add Rule

To add a rule, click the Add icon in the Rules dialog box to start the Rule Setup Wizard:

  1. Select Rule – first choose which rule you want to add
  2. Configure Rule – after that configure it
  3. Check Rule – in the last step check your rule

The type of rules you can add depends on the information displayed by the quicklet.

Text Fields

Rules for text fields search for words in a text

  1. Text field contains certain words – the rule is performed if the text field contains certain words
  2. Text field contains all words – the rule is performed when the text field contains all of the specified words

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